Branson Music and the Thriving Bluegrass Scene

Branson Missouri has deep bluegrass roots, and due to that fact, there are many bluegrass shows and annual events that can be enjoyed here. If you are looking for a vacation destination that is rich with culture and bluegrass experiences, then Branson, MO is the perfect choice. The following information will give you an idea of just some of the fun filled bluegrass events that can be seen.

The Bluegrass and BBQ Festival in Silver Dollar City

Combine great food, thrill rides, and the best bluegrass music for an exciting day or even an entire month of fun. This month long celebration of a wonderful genre of music is held each year in the award winning Silver Dollar City theme park.

Hundreds of the top bluegrass musicians meet each year at this jaw dropping festival to celebrate good, home cooked BBQ and the sweet twang of bluegrass music. Add to all this, the already appealing attractions that Silver Dollar City offers, and you have a vacation waiting to happen.

Popular Branson, MO Bluegrass Shows

There are a number of regular Branson shows that hold performances on a regular basis and consist of some of the best bluegrass musicians in the state. These entertaining shows include:

* Brett Family Singers Morning Show

This family show has been voted Branson’s best morning show, and is the perfect way to start any day. The Brett family presents angelic harmonies for a sweet sounding bluegrass base, and they will entertain you with their unique sing and dance show.

* Dutton Family Show

Another bluegrass family show, the Dutton Family is most known for their top 10 appearance on the hit NBC show “America’s Got Talent.” After touring the world from Europe to China, they have come to Branson to deliver two hour musical performances. This show, complete with the younger Dutton children, is a must see for bluegrass lovers of any age.

* New’s Country Show

A mixture of bluegrass, old country, and gospel, this unique country show takes your senses on a musical journey that you will never forget. With their wide range of musical presentations and professional guitar playing, Leroy New and his country show will be sure to please.

* Crossties Hometown Bluegrass and Gospel Show

To experience true bluegrass music, be sure to check out the Crossties Hometown Bluegrass show. This three part harmony show features award winning musicians who perform all of your old favorites and their original selections as well. This is a truly old fashioned style show that is perfect for your entire family.

* Redhead Express Show

This newer Branson show consists of the beautiful harmony of four daughters, rounded out by the music styling’s of the family’s three talented boys. Mom and Dad work to provide backup and musical guidance as the group entertains listeners with their traditional blends of bluegrass, gospel, and country music.

Other Branson Events

Allison Krauss regularly entertains Branson concert audiences with her angelic tones and rocking bluegrass combos. She is just one of the popular big name bluegrass musicians that frequent the live music capital. Other annual events such as festivals and concerts provide ideal entertainment for any Branson vacation.

If you are looking for a destination in which to experience the best of bluegrass music, then few places could meet your needs better than Branson Missouri. With plenty of ongoing bluegrass themed shows and annual festival events, bluegrass lovers will find plenty of entertainment options to keep them satisfied here.

Mark Ruda resides in Branson, Missouri. He has very knowledgeable about the tourism industry, thanks to his experience marketing Missouri cabin rentals. He is currently a marketing director for Thousand Hills Golf Resort, a popular golf resort in Branson offering Branson condo rentals and tickets to Branson shows.

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