Cowboy Hats And The Classic Country Stars Who Wore Them

Most people know that the cowboy hat is the pinnacle of any true American cowboys outfit. It is a familiar addition to a western wardrobe no matter where you are. It’s hard to find something that is equally iconic.

Nothing says Wild West more than a cowboy hat. Classic country music is still popular today, and not just among country music fans. You can still hear country music legends such as Loretta Lynn, Patsy Cline, Dolly Parton and Kenny Rogers played on classic country radio stations all over the world. If you’re new to country music, here are some classic artists who wore cowboy hats that you should know about.

Nothing says country western singer than Willie Nelson. He wears his hat and braided hair with style and confidence. Hearing him sing “On the Road Again” will make you smile and want to put on hat on yourself.

“Hello, I’m Johnny Cash,” is how he would start every show, all the while wearing black from head to toe. He made “Burning Ring of Fire” famous with his rich baritone voice. He wore a black hat well to complete his simple look.

“Your Cheatin’ Heart” could be won over by the infamous Hank Williams and his hat. With a career that began at age 14 from winning a talent competition, he won the heart of many. Mr. Williams was one of the first three people to be inducted in the Country Music Hall of Fame.

Think it was only the men who wore the hats? Even while “Walking After Midnight,” Patsy Cline wore a cowboy hat from time to time. Only some of her amazing outfits could ever detract from her amazing talent. Today, singers such as Garth Brooks, Kenny Chesney and Tim McGraw show off classic designs with a modern flair.

Modern day singers like Kenny Chesney, Garth Brooks and Tim McGraw can wear a hat proudly. Their cowboy hats give them an extra edge with their stage presence. Nothing says country more than a cowboy hat up on stage.

With former country legends paving the way, hats have been taken far from their original use. Once just needed to protect them from the sun is now a fashion statement must in the country music business. It’s not country music without the cowboy hat.

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