Some say that then kind of music a man listens to define his heart and soul, and that’s true in Hoquiam City, Washington where residents celebrate and bring to life the Annual Grays Harbor Bluegrass Festival. Bluegrass is raw music guided by whatever good and values a man stands for its celebrating life and the divine, the hard labor and sweet respite that every moment brings to a working man a concept well understood in this area by its people. So, once a year bluegrass bands from local amateurs to celebrities and professionals join banjo to banjo to entertain young and old alike inside the grand Olympic Stadium.

The Grays Harbor Annual Bluegrass festival is attended by people from all walks of life, they come to Hoquiam city to partake of good music, good food, and good friends. Bluegrass music has always been welcome in Hoquiam, Washington and the Grays Harbor area, its long history of working class and their daily struggles to keep alive through hard work and doggedness, logging the surrounding forest long before the genre existed in its present form maybe explains the people’s natural connection to this type of music.

During the festival you will be amazed as to the different pace and rhythm that each bluegrass band churns out their music, some fast and catchy with a nip of country genre but still not to be mistaken as such and other tunes being melancholic and heartfelt that the audience would feel like praying to the divine. This crescendo of notes is climaxed by the showdown between two of the bands members who alternately play tunes that are spontaneously dished out in an effort to wow the crowd and inspire or rather challenge the other guy to do better and this is all played out with two entirely different instruments, such as a mandolin going against an acoustic guitar or a banjo. Can you picture the excitement running through the audience at that point?

Most traditional bluegrass bands use a mixture of stringed acoustic instruments that deliver continuous melodies that touch the heart and soul of those who listen in a lively sort of manner, instruments like the banjo, acoustic guitar, violin and mandolin are all played together or in sequence or support to the main musicians’ efforts.

Instrumental solos are a crowd pleaser and you will get a lot of these amazing displays of pure raw talent during the Bluegrass festival. Band members try their best to outdo other bands or even their own band mates not so much so to show who is the best soloist but rather to entertain the crowd and give them a good time.

The Grays Harbor Annual Bluegrass festival shares the passion of residents in good music to the throngs of visitors that visit Hoquiam city during this yearly event. Bluegrass experts, avid fans and initiates flock together to enjoy and partake in the passion of the different bluegrass genre bands that take part in bringing life music into play. Visitors would often be moved when a particular band or two include in their set a praise song or two to right the mood for such good folk.

Aside from experiencing bluegrass with new style or others would say “Newgrass” instrumentation like the piano for instance. Bluegrass is recognizable by its vocal harmony, which features two, three, or four parts, often times heard with a cacophonous high pitch referred to in bluegrass as the “high lonesome sound”, creating an interesting if not attention catching bellow of forceful vocals.

Being part of the Annual Grays Harbor Bluegrass festival is an experience not worth missing. People from all around go to Hoquiam city and experience live music, good food and good hospitality from the people of Hoquiam who love and know their bluegrass music.

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