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When you envision a band called Monsters of Folk, you probably don’t imagine a regular group of four unassuming guys who initially came together to jam tunes for fun. In truth, each member has found success in his own right. Their creative visions are products of their own musical projects like Bright Eyes, My Morning Jacket and She and Him. So who are these elusive top dogs in the industry? Who are the real monsters of folk? Perhaps you know of them: Conor Oberst, Jim James, M. Ward and Mike Mogis. The boys came together to collaborate on their love of music and most recently united in a group discussion about a forthcoming self-titled debut album, which is due on the shelves on September 22. Some of the tracks featured on this effort include: “Dear God (Sincerely M.O.F.),” “Whole Lotta Losin,” “The Right Place,” “Goodway,” “Map of the World” and “The Sandman, the Brakeman,” among others.

In support of this musical endeavor, the boys slash folksy monsters will hit up the tour bus for stops in several cities worldwide. Some stops include Vancouver, Oakland, San Diego, Omaha, Louisville, Boston, New York, Stockholm, Copenhagen, Paris and Antwerp. Be sure to look online for further details and to get your own pair of Monsters of Folk tickets.

Monsters of Folk, contrary to what their name implies, actually have geared much of their music towards the “classic rock” genre. They are well-known for frequently switching personas and instruments in a matter of minutes during their live stage shows. This supergroup of already-established musicians hit the road together back in 2004, touting a banner that read: “An Evening With: Bright Eyes, Jim James and M.Ward.” Their true moniker however was dubbed by insiders and fans as “Monsters of Folk,” and the name became a hit with the members.

In order to compile material for their debut album, the band members spent two years working sessions into already full schedules. They promise fans a conglomeration of sunny fables, melodic choruses, coupled with electronic elements on their new album. The album cover for the much anticipated record reflects a cardboard cutout, where the band members’ faces are transposed upon a background of leafy, intertwining vines and leaves. The cover was first drawn by artist Matthew Holings and will accompany the band’s self-titled album. The first single on the record is being touted as “Say Please.”

Monsters of Folk came about because of a willingness to collaborate and an appreciation for varying musical skills and abilities. Each artist touts his own creative genius and when these four musicians get together you get a storybook of musical tales. In fact, this project has allowed each member to discover something new and to review the recording process from a new angle and a different perspective. The final result is a testament to the mastery of musicians, who, at times can come across not only as weavers of harmonies, but of magicians themselves. See the magic unfold with your own copy of their new album and by seeing them perform live.

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