The Grays Harbor Annual Bluegrass Festival

The people of Hoquiam have been known show high regard to culture. They have always taken good care of their rich heritage and even hold festivals to commemorate their customs. Speaking of rich-cultural heritage, bluegrass music is one genre that reflects everything about great traditions. Like what the Hoquiam residents always do, they celebrated the old-time funky sound that is bluegrass music with their Grays Harbor Annual Bluegrass festival. This event took place in the legendary Hoquiam Olympic Stadium. It featured amateur and professional bluegrass artists both local and visiting performers. It was an all out celebration of music that is played from the heart.

People from all over the country come to Hoquiam to partake in this beautiful celebration. They enjoy the rich sound of blue grass music with the company of friends and great tasting food. The people of Hoquiam have always enjoyed bluegrass music. The reason for this connection could be the fact that the music expresses old-fashioned lifestyle like enjoying nature and working hard to earn a living.

Bluegrass music is the highlight of the celebration. Musicians aim to entertain the fans, especially who have travelled long distances just see their performance. Onstage you will feel the passion of the artists being expressed in their music. They make each note seem like a heartfelt prayer being offered to God. The rhythm of the bluegrass music is bound to get you of your seats and set your feet to dancing.

Blue grass music is played with acoustic instruments such as the violin, guitar, mandolin and banjo. The sound of these instruments gives distinction to bluegrass music. There’s an innate beauty with acoustic music that works well when combined with blue grass rhythm and melody. It gives you listening pleasure unique only to this genre. It is like listening to history.

One of the highlights of the bluegrass festival is the head to head performance done by the artists who participated in the event. You will see soloists go on at each other showing extreme freestyle playing skills. Even bands go on showdowns working to outperform one another. Bluegrass artists just want to please the crowds and the audience appreciates their show. It makes bluegrass fans look forward to these festivals.

One of the reasons why the town of Hoquiam supports this festival is because its a great opportunity for bluegrass fans to come together and get to know one another. You will see scholars, artists and fanatics share stories and talents with each other.

Bluegrass music is also undergoing a revolution. Artists infuse different instruments in bluegrass music. An example of this work is the use of the piano in playing bluegrass. They refer to this experimentation as Newgrass. Even with these changes, the distinct style that makes bluegrass music different from other genre still sticks out, and that is the two-part, three-part, and four-part vocal harmony which is called the lonesome sound. This high pitched number is almost jarring but it gives bluegrass that distinctive flavor we all love.

If you are fascinated by the unique cultural sound of blue grass music, you should plan joining the next Annual Grays Harbor Bluegrass Festival. Get a chance to experience how bluegrass pioneers celebrate their passion, their music, and their life.

Wade Entezar explains how Hoquiam thinks about the future and takes to the water.
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